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Carmageddon TDR2000 Mission Guide - Index

Intro to the missions and FAQ

I've written these mission guides so that you almost can complete the missions without ever looking up from the paper (i said almost). But at times, you've gotta use your head.. there's no guide to everything. Your best friend will be the radar. Use it a lot, sometimes you can find better and quicker paths to the designated areas.

Q: "a 180", "180 deg turn" ?
A: Turn around. In the opposite direction of the one you now are facing.
The best way to do this is (if you have the room) get into reverse, and turn the steering wheel when at speed backwards. your front wheels will skid, and you will end up in the opposite direction.

Q: "Red path" "Blue path" "Second Blue path" ?
A: These indicate what color the path on the map belonging to the description has. Second before that color means it's the second time i used that color, along the entire mission path accordingly.

On to the guides then:
- [Enviroment 1 (Hollowood) - mission 1 to 3]
- [Enviroment 2 (Slums) - mission 1 to 3]
- [Enviroment 3 (Docks) - mission 1 to 3]
- [Enviroment 4 (HiRise) - mission 1 to 3]
- [Enviroment 5 (Millitary) - mission 1 to 3]
- [Enviroment 6 (Back Of Beyond) - mission 1 to 3]
- [Enviroment 7 (Necropolis) - mission 1 to 3]
- [Enviroment 8 (The Great Divide aka Bridge) - mission 1 of 1]
- [Enviroment 9 (The Police Compound) - mission 1 to 3]

Any comments, flames, requests or questions about these mission guides can be sent to camarogeddon@tomt.net. If you have a better/easier/more innovative/whatever way to solve the missions than i had, feel free to tell me. I like feedback :)

- Camarogeddon

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