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Carmageddon TDR2000 Mission Guide
- by Camarogeddon

Police State Mission 1: Checkout Day.

Red path:
Drive off the place you start on, and drive about 10 meters ahead. Turn about 90 degrees right, and drive dead ahead, down the hill, until you hit the transporter path at the bottom. Turn right, and follow the path until it splits. Go straight, and you'll go flying onto the area where there is a 1/4 circle shaped building. Follow the wall of the building, going left. When you get to the end of the building, turn right, and drive 30 meters ahead. You'll see a ramp. Get alligned with it, and drive straight up. If you've got the speed right, you'll land on top of one of the buildings. Get onto the one farthest away, and turn left. Follow the building to the end. there's the Comp.
Hit it, and go off the wall with it.

Blue path:
When you land, turn right 90 degrees, and drive ahead. Go on the right of the .. well.. odd shaped building in front of you, and you'll see something that resembles a large cannon. On the left side of the base there is a path up. drive up there, and go flat out up the barrel. You'll go flying, and land on the building with the second comp on it. It's to the right when you land.

Second red path:
Go off the building together with the computer. When you land, you'll have a large building with some blue arches going to it ahead of you. Drive there.
When you enter the flat area at the base of the building, go a little to the right, and you'll see a road going into the building. Follow the road into the building all the way to the top. Once there, go right, and follow the road, onto the blue arch.
Follow the arch until it ends. There will be a crack in the building that's where the arch ends. Align yourself with the crack and wait until the elevator arrives. When it comes, take it to the top, and drive onto the rooftop. Turn 180 degrees, back all the way back to the edge of the building, and whack the computer off the building, while trying to get a as long as possible and as straight as possible jump off the building. Avoid the radars. those blow up if hit!.. (this might be better to do in two operations.. choose yourself.)

Second blue path:
Once down, (hope you didn't land in the water) Drive straight ahead, through the barracs, up the grassy hill, and to the building at the top of the hill. Done! :)

Police State Mission 2: Destroy The Behemoth!

[no map required - use the radar]

When you start, turn right, and head into the underground compound. Follow the arrows into the tunnel. Inside, follow the tunnel. Most of the ride will be straight, but after about 500 meters, there'll be an intersection. Left is the way to go. 30 meters after the turn, there'll be a row of bombs. Grab'em.

Continue out of the tunnel, through the maintainance area, and out. Turn right. Once you get out on the large open area, turn right again. Follow the wall until you reach the transport path. The first behemoth is in that path, driving back and forth. In the transport path there's also some powerups. mostly there's kangaroo on command and instant handbrake. Use the powerups to jump onto the behemoth.

Once there, manouver your way so that you have the front of your car facing straight at the exhaust port, right in front of it. Now, release a bomb while standing still. A fraction of a second after pressing the release button, back 2 meters backwards, let the bomb fall down in front of you, and push it in. Same procedure with the other behemoths. they're located in the two other transport paths that beams out of the one you are in now.

Remember to check on the map. you've gotta attack the one marked as the next one.

Police State Mission 3: Armageddon!

First, pick the biggest mother of a wehicle you've got.

Red path:
When you start, the first thing to do is to grab the nuke. Turn right, and go straight ahead until you go over an edge. When you land, turn around, and you'll be looking at the nuke powerup. Grab it, and head back to the bridge where you started. On the bridge, continue straight ahead, and you'll see some solar panels. Go to the lowest one. In that area there are a few kangaroo on command powerups located. Grab a few, and jump up on the first solar panel. Use the panels to get to the roof. Once there, pick up the Slaughtar mortar under the jump, and jump across to the other building. Pick up the slaughtar under the jump there too, before you turn 180, and smack the computer far onto the next world.

Okay. From here, there cannot be written a real guide.. all i can give you is advice.

Firstly, drive around the buildings where you found the computer. There'll be quite a number of Slaughtars there. When using the slaughtar mortars, try to get the police chief on his side, and drop the nuke right beside him... then RUN

When the nuke is used, continue with the mortars. Try to hit him on the underside of the car. He seems more vulnerable there.

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