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Carmageddon TDR2000 Mission Guide
- by Camarogeddon

The Bridge: The Great Divide.

[no map required, it's just a bloody bridge]

In this environment, there's only one mission. To get across that darn bridge.
Pick a car that won't get on it's side easily.

When you start, follow the road about 200 meters, and you'll see a crack in the tunnel wall on the left side. go in there, and out. When you've landed on the outside, turn left, and drive across the landscape to reach the end of the bridge. Turn onto the collapsed end of the bridge, and drive up. Take care to avoid the steel bars that have fallen down from the frame. Don't go too fast over the edge. You'll only hit the frame. When you've landed, continue along the bridge, going around (or in some cases, over) the obstacles. When you get to the next collapsed part, there's no need to use the jumps. Go between them, fall down on the collapsed piece, and drive up on the right side of it.

Now it's time to go up. Allign yourself CAREFULLY with the two beams going upwards, and drive slowly up, and onto the wooden bridge up there. Follow the wooden bridge, but don't go too fast! you'll only loose control. At the end of the wooden bridge, drive over the two steel beams, and let yourself fall down.

You've gotten to the minefields now. There are three ways of crossing them.
One is to go flat out into the first mines, go flying over most of the mines, and hope for a happy landing.Secondly, you can use the car wrecks that's there for triggering the mines and getting through unscaved. Thirdly, you can take the beating from the mines with your car... witch usually hurts quite a bit.. but it works too.

There will be some powerups scattered out through the minefield. None of them are any good, so simply lay off. When you hit the next section that's collapsed, there'll be a couple of pipes sticking out of the ground. There's no need to use them. go beside them, and fall down onto the collapsed section.
Once there, drive to the end of the section. (there'll be some mines here too.) You'll se a pipe at the end. This time you've gotta use it. Turn around, and carve a clear path behind the pipe. Turn around, and head for the pipe. You'll need at least 140 MPH to get across. Happy landings :)

When you've landed on your wheels, drive to the end of the bridge. You'll see a large pipe. That's where you've gotta jump off from. Now, get rid of every car that's in the way in a straight line behind the pipe. When you've got about 150 meters cleared, turn around, and go flat out. You need SPEED to make the jump. Good luck.

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