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Carmageddon TDR2000 Mission Guide
- by Camarogeddon

Necropolis Mission 1: Population Control.

Again, it's time to kill a few bastards.

Red path:
When you start, you'll notice that there are a few gang members scattered around the city, but taking them out one by one is going to take too much time. The best thing to do is to attack their base.
Firstly, when you start, turn right. There'll be a gang member walking on top of the entrance to the tunnel. Kill him, and get back onto the road in the direction you started.
Now, drive through the first intersection. 5 meters before the road turns, turn left, onto the dirt. You'll get onto the upramp to the highway. On the left of the start of the upramp, there's a powerup. grab it, and head up the upramp.

Once up on the highway, turn right, and follow the highway. You'll get to a place where a section of the highway has fallen out. Go flat out, and use the kangaroo on command powerup to make it to the other side. Once there, head into the tunnel. After the first slow left bend, there'll be some powerups on the left side. Pick'em up. The slaughtar mortars can effectively be used to get rid of gang members who seem to refuse to die.

When you've got the mortars, turn right. There'll be an exiting tunnel, and a couple of gang members. Kill'em, and head into the tunnel. At the exit of the tunnel, there'll be some more gang members, take'em out too. Once out, drive alongside the wall of their base until you reach the opening in the wall. Take'em out, and head up on the wall. (the low part of the wall is in the direction witch you came when you found the opening.) follow the wall, waste the guys standing on it. You'll come to a room with about seven members in it, use the slaughtar mortars to take them out quickly. There are enough people there to do some serious damage to your car, and repairs are disabled

Once done there, continue along the wall. You'll find 3 more guys towards the end of it. If you haven't killed enough guys by now, let yourself fall down into the base, and locate the few that's around there. If that aint enough, you've gotta hit the guys harder, cause you haven't killed'em!

Necropolis Mission 2: Look Out Below!

[no map required]

On this one, all i can give you is some advice:
Grab the heaviest car you've got. you'll need something that doesnt go flying becayse of a bomb blast. Try to use the map, and drive around in the areas where the most bombs are. The area you start in is the one with most bombs. Don't go after the difficult ones, they take too much time. grab the easy ones. The bombs act like powerups, and is gonna respawn after a while.
Never stop moving. You'll be a sitting duck. Remember to drive down the alleyways, and look into whatever openings you find. all the bombs aren't in plain sight! In total, you'll need 20 bombs.

Necropolis Mission 3: Big Brother.

Red path:
When you start, turn 180 degrees, and head up the road ahead of you, leading up the hillside. When you get to the top, make a 180 degree turn right, onto the onramp to the higway. Once up on the highway, turn left, and follow the highway through the first turn. There the railing will end on the left side. Let your car fall down there. (there'll be arrows to guide you.)
Now, turn right, drive down to the area 2 meters below, turn right again, over the arch, up and into the hole. When you've made the jump inside the hole, turn right again, and get out on the roofs. get to the roof with a little pile of dirt on it, turn 160 degrees left, and you'll see the first dish. Give the dish a slight smack, but don't drive over the edge.

Blue path:
Turn 180 degrees, and align yourself with the edge of the rooftop. Drive SLOWLY (50 mph) off the edge. You'll fall down, probably to the road leading up the hill. Whereever you land, drive straight ahead, until you reach the bottom of the hill. Turn right, and get onto the road where the road up the hill starts. Turn left, drive about 7 meters ahead, and turn right, into the alley. Drive down the alley. About 3 meters before it ends, there's an opening in the building on the left. Go in there, and up the shaft. Be careful not to drive too fast out of the shaft. When you land, turn left, and drive to the next building using the bridge. There, turn right, and drive to over the bridge there (You can't always see the bridge. it starts between the two wooden sticks)
At the next rooftop, turn right. There's the dish.

Second red path:
Turn 180, and get back on the bridge you came there with. Floor it. You'll go flying, and end up in the area where the road up the hill starts. When you're there, turn left, and follow the road until you find the warehouses. Get up on the dock, and turn right, going off the dock again. Now, turn about 20 degrees left, and drive over the landslide, until you're 15 meters from the cliff face. Turn left, and you should be looking at a old piece of highway. Use it to jump the canyon. When you're on the other side, follow the road until you hit the dirt mound. Turn left, and you'll see an onramp to the highway. Drive up there. (There'll be some arrows) Once up, follow the highway into the tunnel, go first right, follow the slight left bend, and in the first intersection, go left (There'll me an arrow)
When you get out of the tunnel, Follow the wall of the gang base until you hit the entrance. Continue into the opening in the wall, and up on the wall (straight ahead of you when you find the opening) Follow the wall all the way around, and you'll get to the dish.

Second blue path:
Okay, get down from the wall, and head back into the pipe you came out of. At the first intersection go right. After about 200 meters you'll see an exit going left, get in there, and you're set!


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