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Carmageddon TDR2000 Mission Guide
- by Camarogeddon

Back Of Beyond Mission 1: Summer Nuke Fest.

Firstly, pick the heaviest, most stable car you've got.

Red path: the approximate route the convoy will take, and that you'll take more or less.
The blue path is the path down into the Thunder sphere, where you have to place the bomb in the second part of the mission.

When you start, You'll be in the canyon. Drive out of the canyon in the direction you're headed, grabbing the afterburner and slaughtermortar powerups that's there.
When you get out of the canyon, the convoy will be starting to drive off. The only large car is the one carrying the bomb. DON'T WASTE IT YET! Follow the convoy at a fair distance, never loosing track of the large bomb carrier. When you've gotten past the warehouses, start thrashing him. It won't be very hard. First launch your slaughtermortars into him, and finish him off with afterburner boosted crashes. If you're lucky, you'll end up thrashing him very close to the Thunder sphere.

Now for the difficult part. Transporting the thing.
There are two ways: If you back up to the bomb, you'll get a towing rope attached, and you can tow the bomb along. This method has two faults: If you as much as attempt to turn, the bomb will skew off, taking the rear of your car with you. To avoid this, you'll have to go slow. Also, if you put too much tension on the rope, it'll brake. (i.e use the afterburner.) The second way is to push it. You can go a lot faster, but you cant turn, or stop the bomb. So you'll have to be pretty sure about the direction. If you fail to calculate the direction correct, or obstacles along the way, the bomb will go flying far off.

Witch method you use is up to you. whatever suits you most.
The important bit is to get there on time.

Back Of Beyond Mission 2: Red Mist.

This one is fairly easy. you'll have to kill 20 mutants, with are the green skinned guys running around. They are marked on the map as small green dots. Very close to you when you start, behind you, there is a pedestrian flame thrower powerup - it's behind the oil well farthest away. I've also marked it on the map with an X. Grab that powerup - you're gonna need it!
The most of the mutants are located around the large dome. Take that area out first. When done there, go behind the mountains at the far end of the level for some more.
When you see a mutie, make sure he's the ped closest to the car, and fire a flame. If you hit, it's a guaranteed kill. You'll always miss with some of the flames, but you can take care of that by taking out a few the old fashioned way; ramming'em.
The only problem is that these guys are tough. Very tough. so, when you hit one, make sure they're dead before you go to the next one.

Back Of Beyond Mission 3: No Nukes Is Good Nukes.

Bomb piece hunting again.

Red path:
When you start, turn 90 degrees left, and drive through the area of oil wells. When you come towards the mountain, go to the left of it. Follow the cliffside, and you'll see the entrance to a mine. Drive in.
After following the mine for a couple of hundred meters, you'll come to a slightly more open area, and you'll see the first bomb piece.

Blue path:
Continue through the mine the way you were going. There'll be two places where other mineshafts exits. Go left in both of 'em. After driving for a little while, you'll end up coming out in the open again, onto an arch. Follow the arch, and you'll find the second bomb piece on the top.

Second red path:
Okay, Turn around 180 degrees, and get your ass down into the mine again. About 50 meters into the mine, there will be a steep hill. Make a left Just after you reach the top. (where the 3 red sylinders are) 10 more meters into that shaft, there'll be an intersection. Go right. Now follow the mineshaft until you reach a large cave. Once there, follow the outer wall, going first straight, then a 90 degree right, then 170 left. You'll see a jump across the crack crossing the cave. Jump over, and turn right. Drive about 10 meters ahead, and do another right, going across the bridge. You'll see a large pillar in front of you. On the right side of the pillar there's a road going up. Follow that road, and you'll get to the last bomb piece.

Second blue path:
Turn around, and go down again the way you came up, and over the bridge. Turn about 45 degrees left, toards the little village. At the highest point of the village there is a mine shaft coming out. Drive in there. When the mineshaft ends, just go straight out, fall down, go across the warehouse area, and into the canyon. When you land down in the canyon, go left. (Relative to the direction you were going towards the canyon)
Follow the canyon to the end, and get out of it on your right. You'll see the refinery barrels. Head about 15 meters ahead, and go right in between the barrels. There'll be an arrow there. Drop the bomb and get the hell outta there.

Third red path:
Time to get out. you'll have to go across the canyon somehow, might as well follow it.
Turn right, and head into the canyon. once there, go left, and follow the canyon until you hit the only intersection that's there. Go right in that intersection. (It's right before the area with some destroyed trucks and roadblocks) Follow the canyon until it ends, and turn right. You'll be looking straight at the camp with the hole in it. Go dead ahead through the main gates, and into the hole in the wall.


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