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Carmageddon TDR2000 Mission Guide
- by Camarogeddon

Military Zone Mission 1: Let's go to work.

This mission is also very difficult write a guide to. you've gotta waste someone, and there isn't a recepy for that. But, i can give you as much info as i can. Stitch, the guy you need to get rid of, drives the threaded white mercedes. That car is fuckin solid, so you need some tools. Firstly, take the largest, heaviest car you have in your collection.

The map is a screenshot of the Camp. The red path is the path to the mortars. The mortars themselves is marked with a blue dot. The spot where stitch is is marked with a green dot.
When you start, drive straight ahead, into the camp. take the road going right when you enter.
Follow the road, and when you get to the exit, turn 170 degrees right and continue towards the second exit. Halfway there, turn left, and go up the ramp that's there. When on top, turn 180 degrees, and follow the path until it ends. There are two Slaughter-mortars there.

Find the Merc, and kill him with the mortars. 10 SHOULD do it, if you hit right. If not, you've gotta do the rest of the work on him manually. You dont need to think about his two helpers. (Beast: Now you tell me!)

When done with the Merc, you need to kill a ped. He's up on the same path that the slaughter mortars were. Head up the same ramp, but instead of turning 180, follow the ramp in the direction you are headed. You'll see him marked on the map, the guy in the black suit. Run him down, and you're done.

Military Zone Mission 2: Duel In The Arena!

[no map required]

Again, you'll have to waste somebody, so pick the heaviest piece of machinery you've got.
When you start, back up a few meters, turn right, go forward, and onto the road. Follow the road out of the camp, over the bridge, and you'll see the arena. Head straight in. When the Movie sequence finishes, head up and around the loop. you'll end up inside the arena. Before you start thrashing theguy inside, you'll want to get some goodies. In the middle of the room, there's a tunnel. Head into it, go around the bend, and STRAIGHT out of the opening at the other end. Your speed should be 150 MPH or thereabouts. Now, get into the arena again, and start hitting the guy. Use the afterburner to gain max speed when hitting him. Once you've wasted him, the movie will tell you that you can run, or fight. Run. the next ojective is to get back where you started. Reguardless of wether you wasted the guys or not. To get out, you'll need to jump a bit. go to the end where the loop is, and go flat out towards the other side of the room. You'll make a fine jump, and land on the outside of the arena. Now get back the way you came from.

Military Zone Mission 3: Tanks A Lot!

Time to use some heavy hardware.. Tanks are fun :)

Red path:
But you'll need something to shoot with it. The first batch of ammo is located at the peak on the far end of the level. When you start, go straight ahead, past the houses, and the first hangar. Turn right in between the hangars, and go flat out through the fence. You'll land in the camp. follow the leftmost road out of the camp. Turn left at the first intersection, and follow the road across the bridge.
When you've passed the bridge, go dead ahead onto the terrain, and continue straight forward into the mountain pass. when you exit the pass, and get onto the road, turn right, and follow the road to the top. The shells are located along the building there.

Blue path:
When you've picked up all the 10 shells, turn around, and head off the cliff to the left. You'll land on a road. follow that, out of the camp, over the bridge, and into another camp. When you've entered the second camp, drive 15 meters ahead, turn right, and head up the ramp that's dead ahead of you. When you get to the top, you'll see the shells. Drive into the first five, then turn right, and pick up the last five. Second red path: When the last shell is picked up, you'll see a message saying "Ok, start firing"

Green path:
Now, let yourself fall down from the ramp. when you get down, follow the outer wall to the farthest exit. When you get out there, you'll see the door. Empty all the ammo you've got into the door. (use incar view for better aim). The door will crack open, and you can make your escape. (Beast: shame ya cant take the tank with you.. i started having emotions for it. *sigh*)


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