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Carmageddon TDR2000 Mission Guide
- by Camarogeddon

The Docks Mission 1: Juice Up!

Red path:
You start this mission facing the drawbridge. The first bomb piece is located in the foundry.
do a 180, and head towards the railroad tracks. Follow the road beside the railroad tracks until you hit the foundry area. Go straight into the first building you get to, and go to the end that's in the railroad-side of the building. There should be a ramp there, between two small walls, that leads onto the old conveyor belt. Follow that belt. When you follow it, calm down, and take it easy. you'll loose more time and money trying to do it quick. On the end of the belt, the first bomb piece is located. hit it!

Blue path:
The second piece is located on top of the old warehouse right beside the town.
Head out of the foundry area, across the railroad, and over the bridge. the bridge is parttially collapsed, so do one of two things; drive carefully over. Or go flat out. I prefer the latter.
when you've come across the bridge, head along the road running up the cliffside.
When at the top, turn 90 degrees left, towards town. Head up to the town-side of the warehouse. There, you'll find a ramp. Head up there, and get the bomb.

Green path:
Now it's time for a little roof jumping. As you see, the third bomb is in town. on top of the roofs that is. So, get off the warehouse, and head down to the road on the seaside of the warehouse. Follow this road below the city, until you see some arrows pointing into a cavern. Head in there. After doing a nice little 360, you'll end up at a jump onto the roofs. The arrows will guide you. Or take a little look at the map we have. Okay, now get off the roofs, and drive back the way you came when you drove towards the warehouse, but instead of heading down the cliffside, go straight forward.

Second red path:
Head into the fuel depot, past the large round tanks. When you get to the end of them, you'll see a small ramp. Go a bit away, and hit it at full blast.
You should land in the first tank. Inside the tank, there's another jump. Use that one to jump to the next tank.. same procedure there. And you're in the last tank, with an arrow pointing down in the middle. Dump the bomb, and get the hell out of there.

The Docks Mission 2: Clear The Decks

Again, you have to blow something up, and this time, it's an old ship.

You start right by the first bomb piece, facing the sea. Do a 180 degree turn, and head into the train station, where the bomb is located.

The second piece is on the pumping station, up in the hills. Back out of the train station, and do another 180 degree turn. Head up to the road, and over the drawbridge. Then, follow the road (straight through the intersections), you should go on the road below the town, and right outside the fence of the fuel depot. Halfway along the fuel depot area, there are some pipes running out of the ground and into the hills. You have to head along the one furthest away. Follow the pipe. Drive carefully, you'll loose more time trying to go fast. After a little driving, you'll reach the pumping station, and the bomb.

The last piece is on the docks. Let your car fall of the pumping station, and head down the mountain.
When you get to the ground, head up the grassy hill, and underneath the pipes. Get yourself up on the road alongside the fuel depot, and head along the fence. When you get to the first intersection, brake to about 40 mph, turn 80 degrees left, and head off the cliff. If you turned correctly, you'll end up at the pier where the last bomb piece is.

Now it's time to head for the ship. It's at the opposite side of the harbour. Turn 180, and head back off the pier. Then turn right, towards the bridge.
Get up on the road and head over the bridge. Careful, there are quite a bit of damage done to the bridge, so there are a few holes and bumps. When you've crossed the bridge, turn to the right at the first intersection. Follow this road until it stops, and go off the end of the road. You should end up on a small concrete covered area. To your right, there's a ramp. Go flat out, and you'll end up at the ship you want to bomb.
In the front of the ship, there's a hole. Fall down there, and drop the bomb, but be sure you are on your WHEELS before you let the bomb go. After you've dropped it, recovery is disabled. So getting on your roof or side after having dropped it is kinda like a death sentence.

After dropping your load, head for the back of the ship. When you get to the engine room, turn 180 degrees, and head up the ramp that's there. DONT GO FAST. If you do, you'll fall down the hole you droppet through when entering the boat. When up on the second deck, do another 180 deg turn, and head towards the back of the boat again, along the cabins. Go throught the open doors, and out of the pipe in the back.

The Docks Mission 3: Got A New Motor

Red path;
You start this mission facing the drawbridge. The first bomb piece is located in the foundry.
Do a 180, and head towards the railroad tracks. Follow the road beside the railroad tracks until you reach the old foundry. On your left, there is a dock with some containers on it. Head over there, and on the area of the dock which is furthest out in the water, the first engine piece is located.

Blue path:
The second piece is located in the town.
Back up about 30 meters or so, turn 45 degrees to the left, and go flat out off the pier and into the water. Drive up on the other side, and get up on the road. Turn left, following the road. At the second intersection (the one where the bridge ends), turn right and head up the road that goes up the cliff.
When you reach the top, turn left, and head into town. The piece is inside the central building.

Purple path:
The third piece is in an old warehouse at the left bottom of the map. Drive out of town again. (do a left 90 degree turn in relation to the way you got in.) When you get out of there, go for the drewbridge and head over (don't care about it being up or down. you'll land somewhat right anyhoo.)
After landing, head straight ahead, along the road, and off the little edge that's there. You'll probably hit the wall of the warehouse in the jump. The engine piece is located at the little low part on the building, towards the sea.

Second blue path.
The boat is located nearby. Do a 180 degree turn, and head towards the railroad station. Go past it, and you should end up on the docks. Now jump into the boat, and press ctrl. Mission complete. :)


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