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Carmageddon TDR2000 Mission Guide
- by Camarogeddon

Slums Mission 1: Slum Like It Hot

Red path;
Okay, first you need to get to the radio antenna.
Start by heading down the highway in the direction you are facing, but get off on the first exit. Follow the road dead ahead from the exit, and turn left when the road ends. Then go left at the intersection. About halfway up the hill there is a roof to the left that's lower than the road. get down on that.
There's a couple of dirt ramps to the left. head up them, and you've reached the antenna.

Blue path:
Now, get the bomb. Go straight ahead (almost. avoid the antenna :), and down on the road below. Turn left, and head up the hill. At the top, go right, and floor it. When you reach the end of the road, go straight ahead, and fall down on the road below. Continue ahead until the road turns. Slow down, and make a left turn. You'll see a part of an old highway going out of the ground. Head to it, and up it. At the top the bomb is. When you get the bomb, don't go over the edge of the road. Stop and do a 180 turn.

Second red path;
The bomb is now active, so you'll have to drive fucking carefully. Go down the highway piece again, And continue straight ahead on the grass, beside the sidewalk. The road will end, and you'll be going down a grassy hill. (You now see why you shouldn't have used the road, right?) There is two fenced in areas down there. Hit the first corner of the second area CAREFULLY. You'll fall down along the side wall. Now, head into the hole directly ahead of you. It'll lead to the base. When exiting the tunnel, go carefully. You dont want to hit any of the red/yellow containers. Straight ahead of you there's an onramp. It's marked my those arrows. Go up it. Follow the ramp around the first 90 degree bend, and go up the onramp that's there. Once up, follow the ramp halfway around the entire room, And let yourself fall into the container that's to the left. Drop the bomb, and get out of the exit that's INSIDE the container

Third red path:
Okay, drive out again the way you came, following the dirt road. When you get to pavement, go straight ahead until the road turns. The crypt is behind those doors straight in front of you. Head for'em at full blast! When you've gotten through the doors, follow the crypt until you reach the main room. Once there do a 180 degree turn, and hit the toombstone in front of you.


Slums Mission 2: Traffic Jam

[no map required]

There is one thing you'll need in this one: LUCK. Use the heaviest car you've got in your collection. You'll need it. When you start, do a 180 deg. turn and head for the area of the road block. Hit any powerups you find on the way. You got some time to push cars in the pit, but look around for powerups, most of em are slaughter mortars.

When there priority one is to make the block. Push every truck that's there (five of'em) into the canal at least. That shuld stop'em. Now drive around for powerups, but be sure you are in the area when the time runs out. Now, jump down into the canal , and drive towards them. Drive to where the small tunnel ends, (there's some money there), turn 180 degrees, and drive back, while dropping any mines you have collected when getting powerups. This will soften the towtrucks quite a bit as they drive through. Now all you can do is to start smashing. GOOD LUCK. you'll need it.

Slums Mission 3: The Jump

Red path:
Okay. you got to get both turbines spinning. Turn 180 degrees, drive down the road, and turn Right when the road ends. You'll pass some partially tipped over buildings on your right. When you pass them, go off the edge to the left. Down there, it'll be some fences. Drive through the fence that's closest to where you came from. You'll end up in the drains. The first turbine is right around the corner now. Continue in the direction you went when you went off the edge above. The first turbine moves fairly slow. go flat out, but make sure you hit the blades properly.

Blue path:
Okay. When you've got the turbine right, There'll be a short video sequence. Now, continue on in the direction you hit the turbine, and you'll find the second one. This one moves a little faster, so you'll need to watch your timing. When the second video sequence hits, you're done there.

Second red path:
When you've got it right, go up at the right side of the first bridge after the turbine. if you hit it right beside the opening, you'll fly up, and land on the road. Now, (assuming you didn't spin in the jump out of the drains) go 90 degrees right, under the small tunnel, and on until the road turns. There, go 45 degrees right, and onto the grass. On the other side of the grass there is a road that goes up a slope. Head for it

When you're up the slope, go left. At the next intersection, go right. You'll see some arrows pointing. Follow'em down, and into the building. take a look at the elevator shaft. is there a plate there of a different color than the wall? if, get on it. If now, wait 'till it arrives. same with the second one.
When you reach the top, go straight forward. and make sure you go FLAT OUT.. you've gotta make the jump if you're gonna complete the mission.


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