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Carmageddon TDR2000 Mission Guide
- by Camarogeddon

Hollowood Mission 1: Send In The Sharks

Red path:The first bomb piece is in the old mine shaft. When you start, go dead ahead, and turn left onto the road leading towards the lake. Follow the lake, and head into the Texas willage. Go through the village and follow the dirt road. There is a slight turn where the village ends, so don't go too fast. Make the turn, and head into the mine shaft, jumping over the cavern.

Blue path: The second piece is located inside one of the old warehouses. After that jump you should be at the first turn in the mineshaft or so. Do a 180, and head back the way you came, through the village, and along the lake. When you get to the end of the lake, turn right. You'll see a bridge that goes over the road a block in front of you. Go flat out into the little hill to the right of the bridge. you'll get your wheels onto the hill, and end up level with the bridge. Now drive up the ramp that's there. (opposite direction of the bridge.) When you get to the top, turn 180 degrees, and go over the black/yellow ramp that's there, over to the next warehouse. Now head into the warehouse through the damaged part of the roof on the far end. The bomb piece is inside, on the opposite wall from you.

Second red path: The third bomb piece is located on top of the loop in the stunt park. On the opposite side of where you are, there's a mound of debris. head up that, and out of the warehouse. When you land, head towards the lake. (90 degrees left) When you get to the lake, turn right, and go dead ahead. You're headed for the entrance to the stunt area, so dont care about where the roads go, go straight ahead and into the entrance. When you get in the stunt park, go under the bridge, and go for the loop. (use incar camera here so that you can control where you're going in the loop.)

Second blue path: When you get down (presuming you didn't fall out of the loop) turn 180 degrees to the left, underneath the loop, through the bridge, and out the way you came. At the first intersection go right. Follow the turning road until the next intersection, then go straight ahead, until you find an old dirt road. Follow that, and you'll get to the door. Right across the door you should see a electricity pole. Just so you know where you are.
Now drop the bomb!
Drive about 50 meters away, and wait.

When the bomb has gone off, go in the entrance, and head for the computer. Stop for a few seconds so it tells you where to go.

Third red path:
Okay, drive out again the way you came, following the dirt road. When you get to pavement, go straight ahead until the road turns. The crypt is behind those doors straight in front of you. Head for'em at full blast! When you've gotten through the doors, follow the crypt until you reach the main room. Once there do a 180 degree turn, and hit the toombstone in front of you.


Hollowood Mission 2: Pop The Sucker

Okay. you start at the stunt track, and you'll need some slaughter mortars - go straight ahead when you start, towards the opening in the wall (but not through it). pick up the two powerups that are there. Now, head along the wall on the inside, making the entire round trip. there are slaughter mortars at every corner. You should get about 35 of'em.

Now, go for the main gate and out. You'll get some more time on your timer, and it's time to hit the water. Drive forward, until the street ends. Go right. Follow the road and you'll get to the lake. Get into it, and start sending slaughter mortars into the shark's face. (the best thing here is to use the internal cam while aiming. makes hitting the thing much easier. The path the shark takes is constant, i've outlined the general path in the blown-up section of the map below. Use that, and you'll know where to meet her next.
Good luck.

Hollowood Mission 3: Going Ape!

Red path;
As the intro shows you, you'll need some fuses. The first one is located in the fire ring in the stunt track. Do a 180 degree turn to the right, and go for the stunt track. When you get through the opening, you'll see the fire ring. Get aligned properly, and jump through it using the ramps.

Blue path:
When you land, turn 90+45 degrees right, and head for the main gate. When there, follow the road, and go left in the first intersection. Then go right, and right again, in the opening in the fence. When you get on the inside of the fence, turn 90 degrees left. The next fuse is now straight in front of you.

Second red path.
The third fuse is on the far side of the village, on some peaks in the canyon. Turn 90+45 degrees right, and head in between the buildings. Follow the path between the buildings, out the gate in the fence, and on the left side of the commercial sign that's there. Now ho dead ahead, and you'll end up in the village. Follow the main road straight through the village, but stop right before you get to the canyon. You need to jump down into the canyon and land on some peaks that's there. The fuse is about 10 meters to the left of the mine shaft. Do a jump into the canyon. You'll probably miss, but note what was wrong. (speed increase/decrease, angle) Hit insert and try again. When you get it right, hit insert one more time, so that you end up at the top of the canyon.

Second blue path.
Time to get the stuff to the ape. Do a 180 degree turn, and head back the way you came, into the opening in the fence, between the buildings, and get between the ape's legs. (no, not in THAT way you...) Use the parts there.

Third red path; now get out of there; do a 180, and head for the opening in the fence. Head dead ahead, go in between the buildings, and you should see the hole in the wall. Go flat out through it.

Footnote: on this map, there are some red numbers and some arrows. IGNORE'EM. They're part of the map in the game, not this guide. My text/numbers is black or green. It might be a bit hard to interpret how the paths go. That's cause you'll be going all over the place. Tho the maps may be enlarged. that'll ease the understanding of where the paths go


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