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You'll need Carstockalypse to install these cars.

1984 Cadillac SeVille
The second generation SeVille offering, very distinc styling with that bustle-back trunk (which can come in handy sometimes!), my personal favorite Cadillac ever made.

A 50's styled car of my own fiction. I find it to be rather German looking. Also comes with a new engine noise!

1951 Chevy Suburban
It might look like quite the scrap heap, but just about any car from the 50s is built like a tank.

1986 Volvo 240 DL
Boxy, swedish, RWD... shall I list any more reasons why you should love this? Good!

1970 AMC Hornet
Its Green, and it has dog dish hubcaps, there is not much else to ask for now is there?

1973 Plymouth Scamp
A good solid 70s economy car! The poo-brown color being the icing on the cake.

The Foundry
A Frieghtliner Semi... modified for use in the carma world of course. The spikey wheels at the front spin, so you know what to do!

1928 Mercedes-Benz SSK Custom
OK, so this is bad, enjoy?! (Apologies to Econobrick!)

1975 Renault 16 TX
Yet another renault specimen... the french sure knew how to build cars!

1980 Renault 6
Ok, so... is this a frog or a car? or a frog with wheels? maybe a thing frogs used to travel in... well, you get the point =P

2002 Toyota Prius
Are you in the mood for some hybrid-powered carnage? Play Carmageddon eco-style.

1991 Honda Civic Sedan
Another Honda Civic, this time by the hand of Autopilot's himself. Very nice work on this one, just your basic transportation, plus it smashes real nice... everything you would expect from a car like this!

1983 Pinion
An 80s concept by Autopilot. Great for smashing and general mayhem. Not much more to say.

2033 Solaris Fission
Yo! pop up that hood... wait a second, where the hell is the engine? this thing has a computer board instead, so it's probably the first electric car for C2 ever. Oh, I didn't mention? it's an original creation by Autopilot himself!

Charred Wagon
A burnt out wagon... not exactly your first choice to take the family for a ride... at least the dog could ride in the back =P

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