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2007 Z28 Concept
It's finally here, after a lot of previews at the CWA Board. A team effort between JunkPile and myself, based on a original concept by JP. Comes with some options like a driver and different color setups, check out the readme for more info.

2002 Mini Cooper S
Don't even try to get closer to the opponents with this one... you'll get hurt. After you've downloaded it, make sure you grab the Skin Pack with three different colors to choose from, and three different rooftops. Also you'll find the template to work on to make skins yourself.

The Marauder (Modified F100) Beta
Is not finished, but is big, heavy and it's got enough armor and power to kick anyone's ass.

1985 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS
Damn, another description... =P Well, it comes with 3 skins and two wheel options, check out the readme for more details. And yeah, it's also a tough mofo!

1970 Plymouth Duster Pro Street
Quick, powerful, loud and good lookin', powered with a Mopar Performance 383 V8 with a dual tunnel ram, 2-4's setup. Kick some ass on the strip. But don't get into hard corners with it!

1993 Caprice Classic
Yes! you all know this car from movies, tv, or even real life! so get it, drive like a madman, an undercover cop or whatever... you know what to do :) (do I have to finish each comment with a :) dammit! :p)
Get the skin template here, in .PSD (Adobe Photoshop) format.

Rice Invader
Hydrogen powered, post-apocalyptic Subaru Impreza. Your definitive light attack vehicle for the wastelands, driven by a Yakuza from GTA3 ;)

1989 Plymouth Grand Voyager
Yes! it's one of those damn minivans that soccer moms likes so much... now you can smash it for good! Comes with a classic "Town & Country" skin plus a rusted option if you want something more "carma" like ;)

1997 Ford Crown Victoria
The ultimate Police Interceptor... undercover, that is ;) 6 colors to choose from and a "realistic" physics file as an option... whatcha waitin' for?

1997 Ford Crown Victoria NYC taxi
Get all the free rides you want with this one, the ultimate cab experience! travel as the driver or the passenger... your choice :P

2000 Mitsubishi Lancer EVO "Riced"
Something I had lost in my HD for quite some time. I found it and decided to release it, together with Jason's Design Civic. Too much rice if you ask me... yuck! LOL

1997 Ford Crown Victoria NYPD
Our tribute to the 9/11 tragedy and the definitive cop car, with a low polycount, quality textures and animated lightbars. Lots of skins from different police departments, county sheriff and state troopers coming for this one in the future, so make sure you get a copy! Also you get the option to choose between a Vector lightbar or a StreetHawk.

1965 Pontiac GTO Lowrider
The one and only true Lowrider for Carma2. Just witness the perfection that is the GTO Lowrider. Get ready to cruise the streets in style and pick up all the hoes. And just remmember to bounce. :) Bling Bling!

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