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[Carmageddon TDR2000 FAQ]
by The Beast

Lets set something straight here. I'm only writing this to save myself answering questions that I get by e-mail allmost daily. I'm sure that RCS will do a much better FAQ, since he's done the great Carma1 and Carma2 FAQs. Thanks dude, you've saved us heaps of trouble.
Further thanks goes out to Camarogeddon for help with the Gamespy how-to. Allways appreciated.

- What is Carmageddon TDR2000?
- Carmageddon TDR2000 (or Carmageddon3: TDR2000 as it is sold in the USA) is the newest installment in the Carmageddon series. Developed by Australian based company - Torus Games (shout out to all of you down under), and published by SCi (Europe and rest of world) and XiCat Games (USA).

- You said Carmageddon3: TDR2000. What's the difference between the US version, and the others.
- Well, each version is different by something, and first is obviously the name. The US version has some features that arent included in the UK versions - such as new powerups, the ability to choose between zombie and blood versions right from the CD (and saves you the downloading), supposedly better netcode, but we're not sure about that, and some other minor differences that arent that important anyway.

- I'm having trouble getting the cheats to work. (REALLY frequent email)
- Okay.. I've had this one several times. Actualy, more then that. Heres a step-by-step guide on how to get the cheats to work.
1. Load up TDR2000.
2. Start a race.
3. Wait for countown to finish, or just fuck it and press Z to start.
4. Press the tilde key (`), located right next to the 1 key to open the console.
5. When the console opens, type "hereComesTrouble" (without the quotes duh) to enable the cheats.
6. Use cheats as listen on our cheats page. Heres a quicky. If you want the Afterburner powerup for example, you'd have to type the following command - "add PowerUp Afterburner!" (without the quotes fool!).
7. If you're that stupid not to understand this, go sit in a corner.

- Will the game run on my PC?
- Well, officialy, you need a P233 to run the game, so anything above that should run it. If you arent sure if it will, get the demo first and try it out.

- Demo? Where?
- We used to have it localy, but because of its size, we ditched it. You can get it from 3DFiles.Com and most other file sources. It's about 130 megs. You can get a bunch of files for the demo on the Demo Files page - including a car changer, some skins and a patch that gets rid of the timer.

- I've got an insanely fast PC and I want more detail out of the game. How can I get it?
- Grab the NoseBleed patch from our TDR2000 Files section, then load TDR2000 with the -f switch.
Example: TDR2000 -f (in the dos prompt). That should give you full resolution textures which indeedy look very nice.

- What's this about an addon?
- The Nose Bleed Addon Pack is completed and it will be distributed throughout Europe for free in selected gaming magazines, and in other countries it will be available for sale. It features gameplay enhancements and multiplayer addons. Heres a scoop on some of the things available in it:

- New multiplayer arenas
- 2 New single player enviroments - Gangsta style 1920's and Satan's little corner - Hell.
- 10 new cars of destruction - ranging from the imressive Jaws to the Big Daddy and Ped Basher.
- New powerups! (allready available in the downloadable patch)

Check out more on it in our Nose Bleed Pack Review.

- Help! The downloaded savedgames dont work for me?!
- In order to get the savegames to work, you need to extract the downloaded zip in the Carmageddon TDR2000/Save folder. After doing that, launch TDR2000, and load the latest saved game. Race one race of your choice, so TDR overwrites the old savegame, and makes it compatible with your game. And you're set.

- What's all this talk about a patch? When is it coming?
- The upgrade patch for the European versions of Carmageddon TDR2000 is out. It does quite a number of gameplay fixes, and more importantly, it does major updates to the multiplay code. Grab it in our TDR2000 Files section - its around 28 megs. US users should download the UK patch and the small US patch in order to play with UK/EU users. That too is available in the TDR2000 Files section.

- I noticed somewhere that a GameBoy Color version of TDR is in the works. When is that due?
- February 2001. Thats allmost all that we know.
UPDATE: Last we know, its been put on hold. We're waiting for an official statement to make sure.

- Help! I've got an ATI Radeon card, and TDR2000 crashes a few minutes after starting the game?!?
- There is a solution to this problem. Run TDR2000 Setup, and then click on 'Profile' so TDR redetects your hardware. In the hardware list choose ATI RAGE 128 PRO. After this, the game will run with no slowdowns at all, but without the lockups either. (ta Mass & Bill)

- How can I install skins?
- There is a tutorial, but there's an even easier way:
Load up TDR2000, go to the garage, and select your car - we took the Boss for this example. Then click on 'Paint'. At this point, Alt-Tab to windows, and check the name of the skin. For example, if for the Boss (Mustang) the skin's name would be Mustang_XXXXX_N.bmp where XXXXX is the actual name. Now Alt-Tab back to TDR, and make a new skin with the name of the skin you downloaded. After this, Alt-Tab to windows again, and extract the contents of the zip in the /assets/cars/mustang/skins folder, overwriting the original files. Alt-Tab back to TDR and press the 'Update' button. Wait a few secs, and youre set. Phew!

- I need help with the missions!
- Are you blind? We've got a very thorough Mission Guide written by our very good friend Camarogeddon. Loads of people have used it so far, and we're quite proud of it.

- I've been trying to set up a GameSpy server but I dont really know how to set it up.
1. Start TDR2000 as normal
2. Go to multiplayer and set up your game as you like
3. Quit TDR2000
4. Start Gamespy and go to the TDR2000 room
5. Click "create game" and name your server whatever you like(connection and location is a good thing). You might wonder why the game type box is empty, but that's not an error, you just set it all up in TDR2000 so nevermind that.
6. When your room is open click "ready" and then "start game"

- How do i chad when in the middle of a game?
Press the X key once, type your message, and press enter. you can use the directional keys to keep driving while typing if preferred.

- How do i set up the multiplayer game / choose cars when using gamespy?
- Start TDR, at the main menu enter Multiplayer, click create, and select your gamemode/level/car/other options in the menu that's there. when done, press cancel, exit TDR, enter gamespy, and create/join a game.

- Why did the others start playing, while i'm left in the game chat room? (in gamespy)
- You hadn't pressed the "ready" button when the game was started, that's why you were left behind. to join, do this:
exit the chatroom (leave button), press "refresh list" the icon for the game you wanted to join should change from a yellow square to a green arrow. double-click to join.

- When the game was started from a chatroom i get a "couldn't connect to game" error message.
- This is caused by your computer being faster than the server computer. the server is not started yet when you're trying to join. Follow procedure in above answer.

- How do i set up a dedicated server?
- Start TDR normally, select options for your server, and shut down TDR again. go to the start menu, select "run", and at the prompt, type: <driveletter>\<TDR directory>\TDR2000.exe -dedicated -create
you can also create a desktop shortcut with the same line as address to the link.

- When I make a dedicated server, how can I see who's in my server?
- Press the Space Bar (thanks to Foxdie for this one)

- How do I install new cars I've downloaded?
- Check our top-notch Car Installation Guide.

- So will we see TDR on a console?
- We don't know - it was planned for X-Box, but that was canned during the developement process (this is a rumour, which was somewhat confirmed). A lot of people would like to see it on the PS2, but thats still a big maybe.

- How come I crash out of a multiplayer game when someone enters?
- You dont have the car he is using. He's probably using some of the cars that we host, so check out the TDR2000 Addon Cars section for them. Download them, and you should be seeing anymore problems.

- I have a Voodoo card, and the game hangs at random.
- You probably have the x3Dfx drivers installed. They are known to have buggy D3D code. Install the original 3Dfx drivers and you should be on your way.

- I'm having trouble installing some cars. I'm getting some weird error, that says that I'm missing some COMDLG32.OCX file, and its really pissing me off.
- Okay, its quite simple. Download the System Files zip from our TDR2000 Files section, and install it. Reboot, and you're set. Then the installer should work.

- What ports does TDR 2000 use for Internet / LAN Play? (thanks Foxdie!)

The game uses DIRECTPLAY ports (common to a couple of games), the ports are listed below:

Game Setup:
1x UDP 2300 - 2400 (random between these values) outgoing broadcast to lan ( to announce the game.

Clients Connecting:
TCP 47624 incoming
UDP 47624 incoming

Clients Playing:
TCP 2300 - 2400 incoming
UDP 2300 - 2400 incoming

- You guys are so cool, how can I find out more about you?
- Um.. well, our about page should be up soon, and you should be able to find more info there. :)

Comments? Suggestions? E-mail me with them.

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