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[Nose Bleed Pack Review]

'the bits they didn't want you to see'

Now, its gonna be very hard for me to write this as an unbiased review, mainly because I love the Nose Bleed Pack (NBP). But I'll keep things straight and I'll try to explain it to everyone as good as I can so you can judge for yourself.

When the NBP arrived in my mail, I was very surprised, but also very happy, because I was going to play it before anyone else go the chance to. And I'm glad I am playing it, hell, I can brag about it to my friends can't I? Many of you will say 'Hah, another pack, its probably the same and theres nothing new..'. Wrong. There's loads of new stuff - ranging from new peds, to new enviroments, new cars and multiplayer tracks. It's bound to keep you busy for some time, because the new cars are just a lot of fun...

The cars are very different, and with the new option I'll call Computer Assisted Steering (CAS) its really easy to cut corners at very high speeds. What it actualy does is determening at what speed your're going, and when the car reaches a certain speed, the CAS is activated, which limits or expands the turning angle of the car, depending on the corner. This way, you can make cut-corner turning really easy, at insanely high speeds.
This feature is mostly show in one of the fastest cars in the addon, the Sports Sedan (lame name, I know). This bad boy can go very fast, and at times CSA is a true lifesaver. It can get you out of such a mess that you probably thought impossible. A great addition!
Have you ever wanted to be behind the wheel of a 6 wheel massive 2 ton pedestrian processor? Well now you can, with the Ped Basher. Because it has 6 wheels, 4 of which are steerable, its very easy to drive, and has a decent top speed/acceleration which makes it a very good all-rounder. But lets not forget the most important thing about this thing - despite its as aerodynamic as a medium sized brick (hey Camo!) its very slick and evil. There's a mechanism constructed of 3 wheels with spikes in the front + the blood splattered body - and you have yourself one machine from hell I tells ya.
Talking about fun cars, theres also Jaws. Its a metallic shark (big) on 4 wheels with a sonic exaust in the back. Because it fires flames from the back, you can easily set pedestrians on fire if you're good with the wheel. Its a right laugh to drive by a ped and see him torched!
Now, there are a few small cars too, one of which returns from the previous Carmageddons. The good ole Mini from the Splat Pack, with Mr. Bean behind the wheel seeking revenge for all the times you laughed at him. This is small, speedy and bloody fun. To fill in with the small cars, there also the 'Big Daddy' which is actualy a 1920's Bugatti race car. Its very well designed, and speedy too.
Now, enough about the cars, I dont wanna spoil the surprise for everyone...

The new single player envirments are very different from what we've seen in the game. 1920's is very realisticly created. Its a large city with a lot of alleys, pesky cops and peds in flashy 1920's type clothes that just want you to run em over. Or when you walk (okay, drive) into a ballroom, you see people all dressed up dancing and talking. Then you just got the urge to tell em to dance under your wheels. Complete with trains and even a blimp, its a lot of fun to go through. You can even jump on the railroad tracks and have a drive, but I dont suggest you take on the train, its really painfull.
And Hell is.. hell! A very interesting enviroment - there are no real roads, and the whole enviroment is floating in mid air, which makes for some really nice eye candy. And theres this big castle thats like the center of the whole enviroment, and its also like a crossroad to certain parts of the level. The whole track is sometimes confusing and you migth get lost, but its a lot of fun. And if you make it to the place that I like to call Crystal Caves, you're gonna be really amazed. Its so well designed. I love it.

Overall, with the new powerups, cars and tracks, this is definetly a good addition to your collection of Carmageddon games. You're missing out a lot of you dont grab it as soon as you find it. Now what I can leave you with is a few screenshots to get you started. Enjoy!

TN_basher_jadead.JPG (3094 bytes)  TN_buggy_athletics.JPG (3667 bytes)  TN_buggy_blood.JPG (2876 bytes)

TN_buggy_sky.JPG (3474 bytes)  TN_jaws_hell.JPG (3669 bytes)  TN_jaws_split.JPG (3249 bytes)
(click to make em erec.. erm, grow)

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