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[Carmageddon2 Carpocalypse Now addon cars]
Click on car name to download car. You will need Carstockalypse to install these cars.

The New Eagle - by Econobrick
- An amazing new eagle by our old friend Econobrick. Amazing work all around, this car is just simply amazing. You do not want to miss out on this one, grab it NOW! And more expirienced Carmageddon players will definetly recognize the driver!

1970 Dodge Challenger Custom - by MCF
- Based on AdR's original creation, this is one mean street machine. It comes with a full extra package, including extra skins. You're gonna love this, we sure do! Grab it now and show everyone who's boss!

1971 Chevy Camaro SS396 - by MCF
- MCF's first ride for C2, and a very sweet one. Very accurate model, great physics and nice looking textures. Plus, 2 more skins to choose from, being the blue with black stripes the original.

Toyota Crown "Riced" - by Freddy
- Don't be fooled by those sharp edges and 80's "shoebox" style, this rice rocket is packed with enough power to beat modern rice, packed with a Supra twin-turbo engine, this ride goes way beyond it's looks.

Honda Civic "Riced" - by Jason Designs
- One awesome ride, lots of details, smashable body textures and the best looking engine ever seen on a import. One of Jason's first model, showing a lot of talent here. A must have, even if you're not into rice.

Doom Train - by Freddy
- As Freddy himself says - half truck, half subway train - tottaly insane! This is by far one of the most inventive and most fun creations for Carma2 I've seen in a while. Truly impressive work by Freddy. Dont just look around. Download!

Hell Borne - by Junkpile
- Probably has the best physics compared to any other motorbike made for C2. It's fast, stylish, and that chick is pretty cool too. If not for anything else, grab it for doing some insane stunts. Impressive.

BattleWagon - by Slayer & Junkpile
- Another one of JP's twisted creations - this time it's a classic - a remake of Slayers Town&Country, this mofo is big, heavy, and those spikes in the front can come in handy, thats for sure. Give this big-ass tank a go, I'm sure you're gonna like it.. heck, it's unstoppable..

Spike - by Chevelle
- It's big, it's got a skull, a bird at the wheel and it's got a lot of spikes. Any questions? Just grab this mean mofo now before it comes for you and your sister. It's a carmaplayer's dream come true..

32 Dodge -"MobSled" - by Deep_Blue
- Directly from the 1930's, here comes D_B's MobSled - this puppy has been around for a while now, but I got this updated version for you all. Enjoy it, it certainly kicks ass. Grab it now, and give someone "an offer he cant refuse".

DoomBuggy - by Deep_Blue
- Another one by D_B - his Doom Buggy for the Ruin-Nation project. Check this out, it's small, fast, and can do some insane stunts. Pretty good if you're up for a stroll through the desert. Nice one D_B.

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