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[Carmageddon2 Carpocalypse Now addon cars]
Click on car name to download car. You will need Carstockalypse to install these cars.

Boot Hill Express - by Deep_Blue
- D_B has really out-done himself on this one - I'm really impressed. This really reminds me of the good ole Brothers Grim from C1 - it's got style, its very detailed, and it's just fun to drive. Great work DB!

Beer Wagon - by CoffeyCup
- This is one of the first ever addon cars to be made for C2, and still one of the greates in my book. The Beer Wagon is a must have for any self-respective carmageddon2 player, or beer drinker for that matter. Grab this baby now and see what fun is really all about. This baby just rocks!

EconoCrush - by Junkpile & AdR
- Now this is something that I really like - the amazingly cool EconoCrush is available for you to download. It's big, powerfull, and it's got a lot of technology, that makes sure that you end up the winner in the end. Aint it just pretty?

Wolverine - by Junkpile & PumaY2K
- An original car by PumaY2K, fiercly modified by JP to fit nicely within his project. I really like what JP did to the Countach, looks a lot better now imho, but that's just my opinion. Grab it if you like it.

K.L.A.W. - by Junkpile
- Junkpile's home-made monster. What other way to describe this amazing contraption - it's big, heavy and powerfull. And it's got a few special features I'll let you discover by yourself. Truly amazing concept. *grin*

1946 Ford Fairlane - by CWR
- Another legendary car making a comeback - CWR's amazing Ford Fairlane - a perfect model, and it's got a special value since it's the first car CWR owned. Grab this amazingly cool car right now - it's skinned using the 'chrome' technique which CWR perfected.

The WarHorse - by Junkpile & AdR
- Another modification by Junkpile - his stuff just keeps getting better and better - just look at that amazingly evil and ready-for-opening-a-can-of-woopass car. At first I was sad to see a mustang turned into this, but man I love this baby - loads of fun, and it can take A LOT of beating.

The Nomad - by Junkpile & AdR
- An original model by AdR, fiercely modified by Junkpile, and I must state right now that it's my favourite off-roader for c2 at the moment. This monster kicks so much ass, its friggin scary. Grab this now and show people who's the road king.

Cop APC - by Junkpile
- It's big. It's powerfull. Its as slow as a turtle on weed. Though its a really interesting car to have in your arsenal, and Junkpile did good work on it. Though it should be faster.. just a tad.

1940 Ford Street Rod - by Roach
- Okay, so its not the most refined ride out there, but it still has a lot of potential - it's heavy, fast and hard. What else do you need? The headlights look a tad weird, but is still a fun car to have. Grab it.

Meat Wagon - by Dead Boy
- What do you get when you mix a cutte innocent little psychopath and the meanest machine on this side of hell? You get the Meat Wagon. I like this 'car' so much I cant find words to describe it. It looks like something that would come only out of a sick, twisted, evil mind. I like it!.

Odd Rod - by CWR
- The Odd Rod is indeed an odd one - a truly great and fun car, based on the Chrome God addon car for Carmageddon. It's skinned using the cool 'chrome effect' technique, and its very cool to look at. It handles like a french poodle on crack, but hey, it's intended to be like that. Just look at the rear wheels. Have fun.

Scorpion - by Junkpile
- An updated version of the Scorpion - the skin's a lot better now, but the bike is a lot slower, which is a tad bad imho, but still, grab this version, as it handles a lot better then the old one. Plus, you can pretty much see the bird's ass. Just kiddin :). Enjoy.

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