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[Carmageddon2 Carpocalypse Now addon cars - PAGE 1 | PAGE 2 | PAGE 3]
Click on car name to download car. You will need Carstockalypse to install these cars.

Roverkill - by Freddy
- The lord of the Banger Racing total conversion has now made this amazing car - the Roverkill! This baby is good looking, kinda on the slow side, but still very tough and can take quite a bit of beating. Grab it now, and indulge in some british type car mayhem! Jolly good!

Rust Raider - by Junkpile
- Junkpile is somewhat of a new name in the community, but he's made a bunch of cool stuff, and this is one of his best. The Rust Raider is a car that fits perfectly in the Carmageddon world - people should make more of these, they're just too much fun. Download this now!

USMC APC - by Agent Orange
- Agent Orange's thirdborn, and its definetly one of its kind in Carma2. The USMC APC is the one from the Aliens movie, and its truly an amazing work of art. Highly detailed and very very true to form, this Carma2 addon is bound to be a lot of fun. It's big, heavy and sluggish. But whatever it'll touch, it'll turn into a pile of junk. Amazing!

Lancia Delta - by Agent Orange
- Agent Orange strikes again with another cool-ass model. The Delta's got loads of detachables, great model and texturing, and its really fun to trash and smash, just to see those teency weency bits fly off. Great car in my book!

Camaro Iroc - by AJT
- Another 1st born here at DTD - and its AJT's pretty cool Camaro Iroc. Not a bad car, could use more work, but not bad at all. I really dig the brutal spikes on the front - more cars should have them.

Golf Lowrider Black - by Jason
- Jason's 2nd released car, and he's getting better as he goes along - now its a pretty slick black VW Golf MK4 Lowrider. Not bad, although the rear end is a tad odd for my liking. Grab it though, it's a car you dont wanna miss.

Volvo360 - by AgentOrange
- Another first car - and this time Agent Orange shows what he can do with his Volvo 360. Not a bad car, loads of detachables, comes in a cool box, and definetly deserves a go. Click the name to download.

Corsa - by Jason
- Jason is a newcomer to the community, and this is his first addon car for carma2. It's got is flaws, bu its a great first release, and I think it deserves to be released to the public. Its actualy a pretty cool car - very fast, low-rider'ish, so that's cool, and it's a pretty smooth ride. Dont take on anything big though. Download now, and have some major fun.

Californian V8 - by MaSTeR Dee
- A pretty good car even tho the skin is a bit confusing to look at. Makes it hard to see what is where and... um... stuff! The model is quite good, pretty well done all except the wheels, which is a bit squarish. I love the black windows and the overall black look of this car. It handles pretty good too. Go get it!

Jaguar xj220 - by MaSTeR Dee
- Nice wheels, nice windows, nice sleek look and a nice chick to go with it! A nice allarounder indeed! A nice plus for the model which is quite good. A small problem on the sides but otherwise pretty welldone. I had this beauty up for a small ride and it handles just fine. Go get her! the car that is... ;)

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