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[Carmageddon2 Carpocalypse Now addon cars by Greybrad]
Click on car name to download car. You will need Carstockalypse to install these cars.

Draconian - by GreyBrad
- WOO! Just look at the evil thing - its something you definetly dont wanna come across - equipped with tripple spinning blade like things in the front and a power-packed engine this baby kicks some serious ass! A tottaly new car based on the Fantastic Diva (above) but I find this one much more amusing. Stop reading me.. I said stop. Download!

Exclusive Car!

Diva Special - by GreyBrad
- Funky car I tell ya! The colors might look a bit gayish on the pic, but its class! Its fast, handles like a chicken on crack and looks very very cool. It's a lot of fun, for every driver that thinks he's good. And try opening the doors in mid air!

Exclusive Car!

nightowl_menu.jpg (7003 bytes)

NightOwl - by GreyBrad
- Just look at this pretty thing! Definetly a Carmageddon1 style download. Its plain evil and a must for every carma fan. Its got that grim feel to it that were all used to.

Exclusive Car!

stinger.jpg (17501 bytes)

Stinger - by GreyBrad
- GreyBrads first car available for download, and not a bad one either. The Scorpion was based on this car, and I'll tell ya, this baby is one eck of an all-rounder, youre gonna love it.

Exclusive Car!

killrazor_menu.jpg (16053 bytes)

KilRazor - by GreyBrad
- Indeed a weird looking car, but you dont want this gator to take a bite out of you. Can reach awesome speeds, and has a really slick feel. A suggested download to say the least.

Exclusive Car!

tigress_menu.jpg (7196 bytes)

Tigress - by GreyBrad
- The Zulu godess is on a killing spree, and its up to you to help her make it through the urban jungle. Great all rounder, and really shows its true nature on rough terrain. A great download for anyone that wants a good car for daily usage.

Exclusive Car!

scrapboy_menu.jpg (7294 bytes)

ScrapBoy - by GreyBrad
- A boat? A piece of wood? Two blokes that dont have a better thing to do? You got that right. Nobody really knows what the Scrapboy is made of, but we all know that its one of the wackiest rides out there.

Exclusive Car!

scorpion_menu.jpg (7005 bytes)

Scorpion - by GreyBrad
- A car ub tge true Carmageddon Style. Get this baby now, it's claws even open and close. And those eyes are just plain evil..

Exclusive Car!

oldtimer_menu.jpg (6804 bytes)

Oldtimer - by GreyBrad
- A classy way to go splat in Beaver City. A really nice limo-like car for all of you old car fanatics. Dont trash it much tho, its very expencive.

Exclusive Car!

invision_menu.jpg (6645 bytes)

InVision - by GreyBrad
- Does the word *MASSIVE* meen anything to you? This truck/van/car/space shuttle hybrid comes packed with a supercharged engine, weighs like a plimuth rock and can pack one hell of a punch! 

Exclusive Car!

e1-11_menu.jpg (8701 bytes)

E1-11 - by GreyBrad
- Ole richboy got himself some new wheels, and now he wants to have a run through your town. Well you might aswell help him, or help him die, its a great addon car however you put it. Looks great, and definetly one of GreyBrads finest art pieces.

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