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[Carmageddon2 Carpocalypse Now addon cars by ADR]
Click on car name to download car. You will need Carstockalypse to install these cars.

'70 Plymouth RoadRunner Super Bird

A car you definetly wont see any day. The RoadRunner is a very unique car - it's based on the NASCAR stock car version, but this is the street version. Download it now, it's insanely fast and instanely slick.

Exclusive Car!

Nissan Skyline GTR (UPDATED)

The Skyline GTR is one of the best and fastest asian sportscars. It's got style, power and class. It's definetly for all of you speed junkies, and it's bound to do you good in a race. Make sure you download it, as its updated with new features.

Exclusive Car!

genlee.jpg (10401 bytes)

1975 Dodge GTX (UPDATED)

This Dodge GTX is a great mopar, for all you mopar nuts. It's fast, heavy and powefull. I reccomend you grab it this instant, or I'll have to do something nasty.

Exclusive Car!

1970 Plymouth Cuda

The first car AdR made, and while its not as sophisticated as the rest of his rides, the powerpacked engine and the pure force this car boasts cant do bad. Download.

Exclusive Car!

1970 Buick GSX

The 70 Buick GSX is one of the best looking muscle cars ever made in my oppinion, and this one for c2 is just as great. Grab this nasty puppy and show some style. You cant afford not to.

Exclusive Car!

hurst.jpg (9181 bytes)

1971 Buick GSX Custom

A Custom version of the GSX above. This car is even stronger and faster, plus it's much sleeker with all the nice decals. You're a wimp if you dont have this nasty mofo.

Exclusive Car!

chargersm.jpg (8504 bytes)

1974 Dodge Polara RT

The Polara is a very specific mopar. It's a mopar in the true essence of the word, and its a great ride for C2. The power this car has can only do you good when you're in the heat of battle.

Exclusive Car!

charger.jpg (10292 bytes)

1981 Ford Taunus

The cheap-man's everyday car. Though not this one - it's got a tuned-up engine which can push this sucker to great speeds. Just watch that mofo fly away when you hit it hard enough.

Exclusive Car!

1996 Ford F150 Low Rider (UPDATED)

One of my favourite cars available for carma2. It's got style, speed and power. This will allow you to cruise in style, and it's looking good wherever you decide to go with it. Download. NOW! Note: if you have the old one, please remove it (delete it) before installing the new one.

Exclusive Car!

shelby2.jpg (9949 bytes)

BTCC Ford Sierra

Amazing, truly amazing. Phototextures make it very life-like and highly detailed. Grab this car as it's definetly good for the racetrack, and quite good for smashing.

Exclusive Car!

challenger.jpg (8004 bytes)

JTCC Nissan Primera

Another racer - the Primera is just as detailed, and the phototextures make it very detailed and pleasing. Download it, heck, you might even decide to race.

Exclusive Car!

Nissan 300 ZX

The ZX is one of the best asian sportscars if you ask me - its got that asian sporty style that I like a lot, plus it trashes quite nicely, and offers enough speed and power to stand up to the rest of the lot out there.

Exclusive Car!

challenger.jpg (8004 bytes)

Ferrari Testarossa

It's a ferrari - that meens style, speed and power all packed into one neat little package. Well.. it's not little, but its definetly awesome. Grab this amazingly detailed car and get involved into some high-speed action.

Exclusive Car!

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