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[Carmageddon2 Carpocalypse Now addon cars by ADR]
Click on car name to download car. You will need Carstockalypse to install these cars.

1993 Ford Escort XR3
- Here it is - the muchly debated and controversial Ford Escort XR3. Amazingly detailed car - no question about it. Its a front wheel drive car, and its great for racing and handles perfectly. It's a great trasher too, it can take and give quite a beating. Get this beauty as soon as possible.

Exclusive Car!

1991 Mustang GT
- So its a new-ish mustang. But it kicks ass! The textures and the model are so awesome, you'll fall on your ass and hurt yourself. Well.. I'll hurt you if you dont grab this car. It definetly gets the highest score in my book. What the hell are you waiting for?

Exclusive Car!

1970 Dodge Superbee
- Okay, not much that I can say about this car, except that its f'gn awesome. You've seen the preview shots, well, I'll tell you that they dont do the car justice. Just download it, and enjoy it in full glory. If you don't, we'll send Wild Bill to get ya. :)

Exclusive Car!

1932 Ford Hotrod
- Definetly the best hotrod available for Carma2. Runs great, feels great, looks great, and has a V8 to help out its evil look. It's a must get for any carmageddon player, as its pure quality. It's perfect I tells ya. Are you still reading? Download!

Exclusive Car!

1968 Chevy Camaro SS
- I cannot really say much about this car. It's way too goddamn good. Just click the name to download it, or something really bad will happen to you. Not sure what, but I'll think of something. Just look at this car - its perfect!

Exclusive Car!

hurst.jpg (9181 bytes)

1969 Oldsmobile Hurst
- Finnaly! After several previews, here comes this badass mofo, the Olds Hurst that ADR's been making for quite a while. The rear end looks a tad odd, but this thing just wants to give you creamy love. Grab it!

Exclusive Car!

chargersm.jpg (8504 bytes)

Charger Street Machine
- Truly amazing - packs a dodge viper engine and exaust, looks cool, and has a bunch of kickass Offspring images on it. Well worth the download, this baby kicks some serious ass!

Exclusive Car!

genlee.jpg (10401 bytes)

General Lee
- Here you go ladies and gents, the most accurate General Lee for Carma2. Enjoy a great model, and dont forget its classic - Yeehaw!

Download Updated Physics Patch

Exclusive Car!

charger.jpg (10292 bytes)

'69 Dodge Charger R/T HEMI
- Okay, now, before you read, download the car. After you've played with it for about 2 hours, come back and read this.
The charger just rocks! Not else much I can say about it - its one big-ass mofo, and can take on anything out there - truly a star!

Exclusive Car!

shelby2.jpg (9949 bytes)

1966 Mustang Shelby GT350 R2
- Dont let the R2 confuse you, this is a remake of the original GT350 ADR made (see few cars below), but this one is much better. Much better model, much more accurate, and as ADR himself says, it now has that serious mustang look. Grab this now, or I'll come round your place and beat you up.

challenger.jpg (8004 bytes)

1970 Dodge Challenger R/T
- Another ADR release at DTD, and again a very cool muscle car. This guy just keeps releasing art pieces. Download, you wont be dissapointed.

adr_cuda.jpg (7771 bytes)

1971 Plymoth Cuda
- ADR's first release at DTD, and a very cool one, the '71 cuda is one amazing car, drives perfectly, great skin and packs quite a punch. Great work ADR.

saleen.jpg (8856 bytes)

1995 Mustang Saleen S351
- A truly amazing car, and a great usage of phototextures. Really accurate model, which can be expected by Adr. Get this baby, it rocks, a must have for all Mustang fans.

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